Te Aka Whai Ora monitors hauora Māori in relation to:  

Entity performance 

In partnership with Manatū Hauora - Ministry of Health, we monitor delivery of hauora Māori services by Te Whatu Ora.  

System and service performance 

Together with Manatū Hauora and Te Puni Kōkiri, we monitor the publicly funded health sector in relation to hauora Māori.   

Monitoring framework 

The health system monitoring framework is being developed in partnership with Te Whatu Ora and Manatū Hauora to ensure we agree on the monitoring priorities. Recent developments include:   

  • establishment of a monitoring sub-committee on our board, with terms of reference and membership confirmed
  • development of our monitoring frameworks for service monitoring   
  • issue of our first baseline monitoring report  
  • upcoming release of our initial monitoring insight report – due soon 
  • advancement of our programme and monitoring priorities
  • refinement of our proposed resourcing and recruitment plan

Data, digital and knowledge systems 

Te Aka Whai Ora is influencing the health sector to adopt a mātauranga Māori and Te Tiriti based approach to the way data, digital, research and knowledge system practices are designed and implemented.     

We work with hauora Māori partners, Iwi-Māori Partnership Boards, Te Whatu Ora, and Manatū Hauora to deliver data, digital and health solutions to address inequities for Māori.     

Learn about our key initiative for Māori Data Sovereignty.

Arotahi ki te Pae Oranga

Te Pae Tata and the Māori Health Priorities Report identified a number of key areas where there are significant opportunities to transform hauora outcomes for our whanau and communities.

There are four areas that collectively account for a significant proportion of all avoidable mortality and health loss experienced by Māori. These include:

  • Mate Pukupuku | Cancer
  • Kahu Taurima | First 2000 Days
  • Māuiutanga Taumaha | Long Term Conditions
  • Oranga Hinengaro | Mental Health

Arotahi ki te Pae Oranga – provide an easy to understand and visual representation of the key statistics and indicators for each area and highlight the inequitable (and avoidable) experiences and performance that our health system delivers for whānau Māori.

Ngā Pūnaha Mātua 

Key challenges and priority areas, highlights the long-term outcomes such as avoidable loss of life (mortality) and loss of health with separate infographics for each of the four health gain areas that most significantly contribute to avoidable life and health loss.

infographic infographic infographic

In addition to health loss, mortality and prevalence the indicators chosen draw attention to factors that contribute to poor hauora outcomes such as differential service access, workforce challenges and social determinants.

For more information click on the links below or download, Arotahi ki te Pae Oranga Hauora Māori infographics at the bottom of this page. 

•    Mate Pukupuku | Cancer
•    Kahu Taurima | First 2000 Days
•    Māuiutanga Taumaha | Long Term Conditions
•    Oranga Hinengaro | Mental Health