About Us

Raukawa Whānau Ora maximise their contribution to the survival and wellbeing of Māori as a people through the design and delivery of kaupapa based services.


• Support Services for Mothers and Pēpi
• Activity Based Recovery Support
• Alcohol & drug support 
• Community-based Child, Adolescent and Youth Co-existing Problems of Mental Health and Alcohol and/or Drug Use
• Kaupapa Māori Community Support services
• Cancer Control Coordinator
• Nurse Practitioner services – a service seeking to improve Māori health gain through the provision of a nurse practitioner service with a strong long-term wellness focus.
• Māori Disability Support Liaison services
• Priority Clinic Discretionary Funding – The National Screening Unit of the Ministry of Health has reduced the eligibility criteria for women to access a free cervical smear via the Priority Cervical screening contract.
• AoD Services for Community Based Offenders
• Cervical Smear Priority Clinics
• Well Child Tamariki Ora services (including additional contacts and immunisations)
• Whānau Ora Health Promotion
• Whānau Ora Nursing services



Website: rwo.iwi.nz
Physical Address:
152 Bath St