About Us

National Hauora Coalition strives to enable whānau to achieve self-determined success. We believe that whānau who are nurturing healthy, engaged, knowledgeable, and prosperous are positioned to succeed, to the benefit of all Aotearoa. 

Equity of health and social outcomes is a means to achieving the vision. We pursue this by designing, coordinating and delivering innovative and effective health and social programmes. Our vision is guided by Mahere Rautaki, our strategy for generational impact. 


  • General Practice service
  • Immunisations
  • Tamariki Ora
  • Social support
  • Rangatahi, tamariki and pēpi support services
  • Hapu māmā and pēpi support services.


Phone: 0800 100 NHC
Website: www.nhc.maori.nz
Physical Address:
Lv 4, 11 Garden Place