When, what and how key decisions are made, and by whom, to improve the health of whānau Māori.

Board meeting discussions and decisions

Agendas, minutes and some papers will be added as they become available. Some information may be added out of cycle if decisions are being sought at these meetings.

Te Aka Whai Ora & Te Whatu Ora - Joint Board
Te Aka Whai Ora Board
Finance Accountability and Audit Committee
People, Culture and Workforce Committee
2023 scheduled Board and committee meetings

These hui dates may change due to unforeseen circumstances, but rescheduled dates will be given once confirmed.

Board Mane 13 Pēpuere
Joint Board (postponed) Tāita 16 Pēpuere
Finance Wenerei 1 Māehe
People (informal discussion, no agenda) Tūrei 2 Māehe
Board Wenerei 15 Māehe
Finance Wenerei 5 Āperira
People Paraire 6 Āperira
Board Wenerei 19 Āperira
Finance Mane 1 Mei
People Paraire 4 Mei
Board Wenerei 17 Mei
Joint Board Paraire 18 Mei
People Tūrei  30 Mei
Finance (cancelled) Tāita 1 Hune
Board Wenerei 14 Hune
Finance Mon 3 Hūrae
People Paraire 6 Hūrae
Board Wenerei 19 Hūrae
Finance Wenerei 2 Ākuhata
People Paraire 2 Ākuhata
Board Wenerei 16 Ākuhata
Joint Board Paraire 17 Ākuhata
Finance Mane 4 Hepetema
People Paraire 7 Hepetema
Board Wenerei 20 Hepetema
Finance Wenerei 4 Ōketopa
People Paraire 5 Ōketopa
Board Wenerei 18 Ōketopa
Finance Wenerei 1 Noema
People Paraire 2 Noema
Board Wenerei 15 Noema
Joint Board Paraire 16 Noema
Board subcommittees

Te Aka Whai Ora subcommittees ensure the organisation achieves its objectives and carries out its functions in accordance with the Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Act 2022, and discharges its obligations and requirements.

Finance, Accountability and Audit Committee

Steven McJorrow, Fiona Pimm
Te Whatu Ora attendee: TBC

Finance, Accountability and Audit Committee Terms of Reference [PDF, 1.1 MB] 

People, Culture and Workforce Committee

Tipa Mahuta (Chair), Dr Mataroria Lyndon, Awerangi Tamihere
Te Whatu Ora attendee: Vanessa Stoddart

People, Culture and Workforce Committee Terms of Reference [PDF, 977 KB]

Policy Committee

All Board members

Policy Committee Terms of Reference [PDF, 1.1 MB]


For further information on the requirements of Te Aka Whai Ora, as a independent statutory entity of Te Kāwanatanga o Aotearoa New Zealand Government:

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