With improved hauora Māori, whānau will thrive

To acheive health equity for Māori, Māori voices need to be heard, and embedded in plans and services.

Te Aka Whai Ora is investing in services grounded in te ao Māori to ensure that the wider health system better recognises and is more responsive to Māori needs:

  • When new services are commissioned or existing services are reviewed, Te Aka Whai Ora will partner with Te Whatu Ora to make sure service design and priorities reflect the diverse needs of the community, including for Māori
  • When services are not performing for Māori, Te Aka Whai Ora and Te Whatu Ora will ensure the issues are quickly identified, and drive service and system improvement.

Te Aka Whai Ora will also work with Manatū Hauora Ministry of Health on strategy and policy issues of particular relevance to Māori, providing direction for the health system, ensuring that our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi continues to underpin approaches to hauora.

Funding te ao Māori solutions

For Māori health needs and aspirations to be answered across the motu, Te Aka Whai Ora will work with Iwi Māori Partnership Boards (IMPBs), Māori health providers and professionals, iwi, hapū and Māori communities.

This will ensure:

  • Māori health needs and aspirations are reflected in the priorities and plans of the health system
  • How services are designed and delivered will meet those needs, including through the use of kaupapa Māori models and the application of mātauranga Māori in the system.

Our Hauora Māori Partners are encouraged to keep checking for new announcements of Funding Opportunities. These will be updated regularly.

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