Te Whiri Kaha Māori Clinical Forum will bring together clinicians from across the health sector, professional and non-regulated disciplines.

The purpose of the forum is to provide informed, evidence-based impartial advice in a facilitated forum. Members of the advisory board will advise Te Aka Whai Ora and Te Whatu Ora on the complex challenges in the healthcare sector.

Click here for further details on Te Whatu Ora and Te Aka Whai Ora: Establishing National Clinical Networks [PDF, 2.2 MB].

Te Whiri Kaha will function under the authority of the Te Aka Whai Ora, and its four national Clinical Leads:

  • Chief Medical Officer Dr Rawiri McKree Jansen
  • Chief Nursing Officer Nadine Gray
  • Chief Midwife Officer Heather Muriwai
  • Chief Allied Health Officer Carlton Irving.

For more information and next steps on Te Aka Whai Ora: Establishing Te Whiri Kaha Māori Clinical Forum [PDF, 436 KB]

Role of Te Whiri Kaha

The Māori Clinical Forum, Te Whiri Kaha, aims to:

  • bring together clinicians and individuals from across the range of professional and non-regulated disciplines and backgrounds to generate informed, impartial and integrated advice
  • influence and inform system-wide issues that affect Māori populations
  • influence and advise on service implementation and delivery, service quality, workforce development, service sustainability and access for Māori to culturally appropriate care
  • consider hauora Māori needs and aspirations collectively to bring a holistic view outside of the usual silos.

Te Whiri Kaha, however, will not as part of its role:

  • provide advice on industrial matters
  • provide advice on specific operational matters of individual Health service providers
  • comment upon Health Service Providers’ performances
  • advocate for individual clinicians or departments within Health Service Providers
  • lobby on behalf of professional bodies or organisations.

Proposed membership

Category 1:

Non-regulated Kaimahi (e.g., Kaiawhina, Rongoa practitioners)

Five nationally from across the regions (10%)

Category 2:

Front-line clinicians across all disciplines including Junior / new entrants and emerging leaders

35 from across the motu country (70%)

Category 3:

Administrators, leaders, researchers, clinical management, Kaumātua/Kuia, Tangata Whaikaha and Rangatahi, whānau advocates

10 from across the motu (20%)

Exec Committee selected from the 50

Total: 50

Calling for Expressions of Interest

For those interested in becoming a member of this advisory board, information is available here: Expressions of Interest - Te Whiri Kaha [DOCX, 154 KB]

To apply, or if you have any other queries on this matter, please email: 

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