Favoured solutions will be effective, dynamic and innovative, and utilise and build on cultural knowledge and experiences to deliver better health outcomes for Māori. 

  • Providers are invited to apply either through GETS.govt.nz(external link) (Government Electronic Tenders System), or by following instructions below.
  • You will need to register with GETS to be able to apply, but this process is simple and free of charge.

Funding opportunities are open now for:

  • Kaumātua, Kuia and Koroua, Tāngata Whaikaha Māori & Taiohi Rangatahi
  • Kahu Taurima - First 2000 days of life
  • Māori Workforce Development

Kaumātua, Kuia and Koroua, Tāngata Whaikaha Māori & Taiohi Rangatahi

Hauora Māori partners across Aotearoa are invited to submit brief proposals for te ao Māori solutions, projects, programmes or initiatives to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of Kaumātua, Kuia and Koroua, Tāngata Whaikaha Māori and Taiohi Rangatahi.

These proposals should demonstrate how you work and be grounded in the voice of the whānau.

Proposals may be for one, or all of the following:

Kaumātua, Kuia, Koroua

Kaumātua, Kuia, Koroua - RFP [DOCX, 777 KB] [DOCX, 776 KB]

Kaumātua, Kuia, Koroua - Response form [DOCX, 44 KB]

Kaumātua, Kuia, Koroua - Budget template [DOCX, 38 KB]

Tāngata Whaikaha

Tāngata Whaikaha - RFP [DOCX, 784 KB]

Tāngata Whaikaha - Response form [DOCX, 44 KB]

Tāngata Whaikaha - Budget template [DOCX, 38 KB]

Taiohi Rangatahi

Taiohi Rangatahi - RFP [DOCX, 775 KB]

Taiohi Rangatahi - Response form [DOCX, 44 KB]

Taiohi Rangatahi - Budget template [DOCX, 41 KB]

Closing date for these three proposals is Friday 31 March 2023.

Kahu Taurima

Kahu Taurima is the joint Te Aka Whai Ora and Te Whatu Ora approach to maternity and early years (pre-conception to five years old, or the 'First 2,000 days of life') for all whānau in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Board of Te Aka Whai Ora has prioritised funding to support the delivery of te ao Māori solutions for contribution to the transformation of maternity and early years services and support.

This is an exciting opportunity to change the face of healthcare in Aotearoa to reflect te ao Māori and to empower and further enable Hauora Māori Partners to shape and implement their own solutions.

Funding has been allocated into the following priority areas:

Integrated Service Delivery

  • First 2,000 days te ao Māori Model of Care service delivery models (see separate response form)
  • Health education, whānau engagement and experience programme development
  • Taiohi reproduction and personal agency education programme
  • Maternal mental health and wellbeing assessment tool and care pathways
  • Maternity campaign revitalisation.

Data and Digital Solutions

  • Telehealth pathways for maternity and early years
  • Maternity and early years system engagement and incentivisation programme application (APP).

Māori Health Workforce Development

  • Maternity and early years kaiawhina workforce scoping
  • Rongoā in maternity and early years support and training programme
  • Māori midwifery and child growth and development (Well Child Tamariki Ora) nursing workforce support programme scale up.

 Any questions, please email: teakawhaiora.kahutaurima@health.govt.nz

Kahu Taurima - RFPs [PDF, 669 KB]

Māori Workforce Development

He whakawhanake i te tūāpapa o nāianei, he whakakaha hoki i te ahumahi o āpōpō – building on the foundations of today to grow and strengthen the workforce of tomorrow.

The Māori health workforce is an integral part of the health ecosystem. Te Aka Whai Ora is committed to ensuring this ecosystem:

  • Grows and builds Māori capacity
  • Focuses on the wellbeing of Māori kaimahi
  • Delivers better health outcomes for Māori
  • Creates bright futures for rangatahi
  • Invests in iwi and community led workforce solutions.

Te Aka Whai Ora is seeking proposals for two Māori health workforce development funding programmes:

  1. Tuakana-Teina Programme - providing a range of peer to peer supports to Māori within and/or transitioning into the health workforce
  2. Kaiāwhina Workforce Training and Development Programme.  

To submit your RFP, please email: workforce@health.govt.nz

But any questions, get in touch here:

Tuakana-Teina Programme

Tuakana-Teina Programme - RFP [DOCX, 758 KB]

Tuakana-Teina Programme - Response form [DOCX, 48 KB]

Tuakana-Teina Programme - Budget template [DOCX, 39 KB]

Kaiāwhina Workforce Training and Development Programme

Kaiāwhina Workforce Training and Development Programme - RFP [DOCX, 763 KB]

Kaiāwhina Workforce Training and Development Programme - Response form [DOCX, 48 KB]

Kaiāwhina Workforce Training and Development Programme - Budget template [DOCX, 39 KB]

Expired requests

Applications are now closed for:

  • Mātauranga Māori solutions, Jan 2023
  • Te ao Māori population health approaches, Jan 2023

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