Te Pae Tata Interim New Zealand Health Plan

[PDF, 5.8 MB]

Te Pae Tata outlines the first steps to a health service delivery system for Aotearoa that better serves our people and communities.

This plan covers a period of reset while the foundations of our health system change. As an initial plan, it outlines what we will do differently to establish the basis of a unified, affordable and sustainable health system.

Te Pae Tata replaces 20 different district annual plans. This interim plan is designed to initiate the transformation in our health system, while a full-scale New Zealand Health Plan is worked on.

Priorities from Te Pae Tata for Te Aka Whai Ora
  • Pae ora - better health in our communities
  • Kahu Taurima - maternity and early years 
  • Mate pukupuku - people with cancer 
  • Māuiuitanga taumaha - people living with chronic health conditions 
  • Oranga hinengaro - people living with mental distress, illness, and addictions. 
Māori Health Priorities Report

[PDF, 304 KB]

This Māori Health Priorities report draws focus to the biggest contributors to health loss and health inequity for Māori, and also represent the greatest potential for intervention.

This report was commissioned by Te Aka Whai Ora to inform our positioning on the priorities for the interim New Zealand Health Plan (iNZHP) for Māori.

Background document on the Women's Health Strategy 

[PDF, 1.2 MB]

This background document on the Women's Health Strategy seeks to focus the attention on the most significant drivers and opportunities for transformation in terms of wāhine Māori hauora.

The priority areas identified here build upon health priorities identified by wāhine Māori since the 1980s, and align with the Māori health priorities already endorsed by Te Aka Whai Ora, as outlined in Te Pae Tata Interim New Zealand Health Plan 2022 [PDF, 5.8 MB].

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