Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora has today announced the opening of Te Pitomata Grants, continuing the mission to support more Māori students pursuing careers in health services.  This year, the grant has been expanded to include students studying to become rongoā practitioners, broadening the scope of its support. 

Te Pitomata Grant, also known as ‘The Power of Potential’ fund, was developed to provide access to financial assistance for students of Māori descent across various health and disability-related programmes.   

Riana Manuel, National Director Hauora Māori Services at Health New Zealand says this is one of several workforce initiatives to support students to leverage their potential and ensure a workforce that aligns with the needs of whānau.   

“Grants like Te Pitomata are crucial because they help to build a diverse and culturally competent workforce that truly reflects the communities we serve,” says Riana. 

“We know that when our health professionals understand and share the cultural backgrounds of their patients, the quality of care improves significantly.”   

Last year, the fund supported over 700 students with their tuition, course and living expenses.   

“This about supporting the next generation of health leaders to achieve their dreams and realise their potential, by reducing the financial stress on burden,” says Riana. 

“We are particularly pleased to extend grants to rongoā studies this year, recognising the significant role that rongoā plays in the lives of whānau and allowing more students to study this vital practice.” 

Eligible students must be of Māori descent and currently enrolled in a relevant programme of study.  Applications are accepted across the following hauora categories: 

Clinical (Undergraduate)  

  • Midwifery  
  • Nursing  
  • Medical (including dentistry)  
  • Allied Health, Scientific & Technical, including but not limited to:  
    •  Social Work  
    •  Pharmacy  
    •  Oral Health Therapy  
    •  Anaesthetic Tech  
    •  Radiation Therapy  
    •  Acupuncture  
    •  Counselling  
    •  Psychology  


Postgraduate (Clinical and Non-Clinical)  


For more information and to apply for the grant, please visit: Māori Health Scholarships – Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora.

Applications will close on Sunday 16 June.